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COPA-DATA receives SIL 2 certification

Monday February 16 2015

COPA-DATA receives the "Safety Integrity Level 2" (SIL 2) certification and thus meets the requirements in accordance with the international standard IEC 61508 for the ...


Producent oprogramowania HMI/SCADA, dynamicznego raportowania produkcji z zintegrowanymi sterownikami PLC.

COPA-DATA presents zenon 7.20

Monday March 23 2015

COPA-DATA is releasing a new version of its HMI/SCADA solution, zenon 7.20, which is fully consistent with the principle of the Smart Factory: the software allows users to carry...

COPA-DATA presents zenon Analyzer 2.20

Monday December 29 2014

COPA-DATA presents a new version of its reporting and analysis software: With zenon Analyzer 2.20, customers benefit from enhanced evaluation possibilities thanks to the ...