Apator Control

Apator Control

Apator Control Sp. z o.o.
Polna 148
87-100 Toruń
NIP: 879-22-08-653

Leader in designing, manufacturing and implementing drive systems and distribution and control equipment in electrical industry


Polish company in capital group occupying the leading position in electrotechnical and electronical industry.

Leader in drive engineering of industry automation and supplier of solutions in power transmission and distribution.





- engineering services for process and industrial facilities automation

- implementation and integration services of system solutions in the field of DC/AV/SERVO drives

- relocation and modernization services of industrial appliances

- specialized technical support and service

- trainings




- modules and control units for drives in in wide voltage and power range:

            - AC frequency invertes

            - DC thyristor devices

            - AC/DC/SERVO motors

            - gears, gearmotors


- modules and devices for process and facilities automation

            - PLC controllers

            - HMI panels

            - control units


- elements of MV and LV power transmission and distribution:   

            - transformer and distribution stations, MV connectors

            - MV and LV switchgears

            - Automatic Transfer Switching Equipment

            - Capacitor batteries

            - Pull-out APU switches retrofits