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PLCConnex Industrial Surplus Center
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PLCConnex Industrial Surplus Center

PLCConnex sells new, used, regenerated and recalled industrial automatic parts.

We deliver most of the best brands - new, used or refurbished parts for production maintenance.
In addition, unusual products made in the USA, CANADA, JAPAN and other countries that are difficult to buy on the European market.
Who we are?
PLCConnex is a company where you can find everything that you need to keep production moving. From the beginning of our activity, we focus on quality and professional service. We avoid high logistic costs, we have about 75,000 parts on our stock and two warehouses with supplies and permanent contracts with suppliers from around the world. After checking the quality of the products, we send them directly to you.
We provide industry automation parts that are not available on the market. Component replacements are not always compatible with the machine, while original components that are no longer manufactured - we are able to get them.
We run a repair service and the possibility of consulting and free diagnostics.
The highest quality equipment at a competitive price is our motto. Each parts: both new, refurbished or used, receives a 12-month warranty.
For several years, we have been running the "GO GREEN" campaign, thanks to which every non-rotating part gets a new chance to improve the machine's operation. We buy warehouse surpluses from factories around the world.
                         Over 10,000 customers worldwide and over 11 years on the market.