Balluff - BVS Universal Vision Sensor - 360° Defect Finder

Balluff BVS-E Universal Vision Sensor For 360° part rotation and high speed applications .
The application range of the BVS-E Vision Sensor Universal is wide-ranging:
- Assembly and presence control 
- Reading and verification of codes 
- Advance part position detection 
The powerful contour-based image processing tools, can compensate for parts in any orientation and checked for defects, or counted. It is possible to transmit the position and orientation of the interface via Ethernet TCP/IP.
Fast and reliable reading of 1D and Data Matrix codes. Up to 40 codes per second can be located, read and verified in any orientation - this makes the BVS-E unique.
A model, versatile functionality: to help your warehouse inventory Contour-based analysis: 
- locate and verify parts 
- In any rotational position 
- Ethernet TCP/IP and RS232 interface: part location and test results are available for the PLC to help in better process control by rapidly locating, reading and verification of codes